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Rectangular and Square Hollow Section (SHS, RHS) corner radius dimensions

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Radius dimensions for hot and cold rolled rectangular (RHS) and square hollow sections tubes (SHS) are hidden away in their respective BS EN dimension and tolerance standards. We've extracted them here for your (and our!) convenience:

Hot formed SHS and RHS:

  • External radius = 1.5t

  • Internal radius = 1.0t (where t = wall thickness)


Cold formed SHS and RHS:

  • External radius:

  • Internal radius:



BS EN 10210-2: 2006  Tolerances, dimensions and sectional properties (Hot finished structural hollow sections)

BS EN 10219-2: 2006  Tolerances and sectional properties (Cold formed welded structural sections).


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Theav Thav
Theav Thav
Mar 24

Thank you for this clear information.


Feb 07, 2023

Thank you for this clear information. As you is not easy to find!


Dan Springford
Dan Springford
Oct 15, 2020

I have often wondered where this information is. Now I know, thanks Martin!


Peter Paul Donoghue
Peter Paul Donoghue
Sep 11, 2020

Thank You... for sharing this !! Always - trying to remember this one .. I find this helpfull -

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